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Official Results

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                         1996 WISCONSIN QSO PARTY
                             OFFICIAL RESULTS

                             GENERAL COMMENTS
As the saying goes, HERE WE GROW AGAIN.  1996 was a BANNER YEAR for WQP.
The number of entries went WAY UP to a new high of 217. Best ever prior to 
that was 178 entries in 1994.  During the low of the sun spot cycle too.
West Allis RAC is very happy to see this fine contest becoming more popular
as time goes on.  We had 148 Wisconsin entries and 69 from out of state.  
27 states and Ontario sent in logs this year.  

We would like to again thank the mobile stations who put themselves out 
providing counties.  We would also like to thank the many stations around 
the USA and Canada who provided additional fun for Wisconsin stations, and 
hopefully, had a good time themselves. 

Before I get to the results, I need to indicate - a lot of the computer 
generated entries for WQP are VERY LACKING in the information I need for the 
results.  Some of the written ones are even worse. Using the OFFICIAL ENTRY 
FORM helps a lot, but it needs to be COMPLETELY FILLED IN, FRONT AND REAR.  
The items I need are:  The "number" of counties/states/provinces broken down 
instead of just MULTIPLIERS indicated; CW/Phone breakdowns; Numbered contacts;
WHICH ONES YOU WORKED.  I also have a reoccuring problem with CALLSIGNS, NAMES
AND ADDRESSES being legible.  It takes a lot of time to pull out all the 
information needed, when the entry is both readable and complete. When 
information is missing or unreadable, the task is almost impossible.  I guess 
I can honestly say that I am not yet at the point of rejecting entries because
they are not readable or complete, but I will say I am mighty close.  
The "lack of information" just delays the results being published. What I need
is some sort of a clue as to how to solve this. Perhaps providing an OFFICIAL 
COMPUTER PROGRAM? I am not complaining. I just need your help. 

Our plaque for the best SINGLE  OPERATOR  - FIXED  station goes to Gary 
Sutcliffe, W9XT.  He made 131 CW contacts and 460 phone contacts, contacting 
54 counties, 46 states and 5 provinces, for a score of 75810, just a scant 
464 points above the second place entry.  Quite an accomplishment for 7 hours 
of "fun."  Gary is always in the leader group, having last won the 1991 WQP. 
Congratulations Gary.

The plaque for the best OUT-OF-STATE  entry goes to K9OM, Dick Van Zandt, 
from Illinois.  He bettered his last years' winning record with 91 CW contacts
and 132 phone contacts, contacting 48 Wisconsin counties, for a total of 15072 
points.  Congratulations Dick.  

The plaque in the CLUB COMPETITION  goes to Kettle Moraine Radio Amateurs.
They had 11 entries this year for a score of 284,743 points, which is almost 
124,000 more than last year, but not their best effort as a club to date.  
Congratulations KMRA.

I need to mention participant effort. Without singling out any one entry, 
I think that if you look at the number of contacts made by a lot of the 
entrants, you will see something I will call "dedication."  Mobile in 22 
counties while making 351 CW and 313 phone contacts is dedication.  A lot 
of entries approaching 200 contacts in 7 hours is dedication.  14 single 
operator mobile entries - 8 multi op entries is dedication.  And on and on.
Plus the many other mobiles, fixed stations, county hunters, casual operators,
who do not send in logs.  I thank you all.  WARAC thanks you all.  WITHOUT
YOU  THERE  WOULD  BE  NO  QSO  PARTY.  THANKS.   See you on the second Sunday
of March, 1997, good Lord willing. 

Lynn Tamblyn, K9KR
for Wisconsin QSO Party Committee

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