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Wisconsin QSO Party
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If you're interested in exchanging information about WIQP, such as operating plans, ideas, suggestions, then you need to join our mailing list!

To subscribe, go to the WIQP-mail subscription page at http://mail.warac.org/mailman/listinfo/wiqp-mail_warac.org. If you've used other MailMan mailing lists, you probably know the process. If not, read on!

Subscribing is simple but includes a few steps to prevent abuse of the list. In the Subscribing to WIQP-Mail section of the web page, type your email address and a password of your choice. The password will be needed whenever you want to change your personal settings. You have the option to receive email messages individually or in a single daily digest. Don't be too concerned about this now - you may change this choice at any time since it is part of your personal settings.

After entering your email address and password, press the Subscribe button to submit. After you submit the form, MailMan will send an email message to the address that you used to subscribe asking you to confirm your request. (This is to prevent someone from maliciously adding you to mailing lists that you do not want to join). The simplest way to confirm is to just hit your Reply, then Send buttons (don't change anything).

The next step is for the WIQP-mail moderator to accept your subscription. Within a day or so you will get an email welcoming you to the WIQP-mail list, completing your subscription process. Read and save the Welcome message because it contains important information.

You're in! You will now receive all messages sent by list members to WIQP-mail. If you want to post a message, simply email it to wiqp-mail@warac.org. Please note that when you reply to someone else's post, your reply will go to the entire list by default. If you want to reply only to the person who posted, you must remove wiqp-mail@warac.org from your To: line.

Also, you may visit the Archives at http://mail.warac.org/pipermail/wiqp-mail_warac.org/ if you wish to see past messages.

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